About Our Food Packaging

We specialise in producing packaging materials to suit a large range of food sector requirements through our expert knowledge of materials, reproduction, printing, and packaging machines.

We offer a large range of materials from coextruded PE, to complex double and triple laminates. Our materials include but are not limited to:


  • PET/PE





We engineer our sealants to give optimum hot-tack, seal strength, and seal initiation performance, and our structures are engineered to provide barrier performance for MAP. Also in the range are tailored breathable PE-based films for fresh-produce shelf-life enhancement.

Our printing capability has highly accurate index control for lidding applications, and up to 10 colour design range to help our customers achieve maximum shelf-appeal to promote their products.

About Nelipak Packaging, Nelipak Food Packaging


Nelipak is committed to sustainable manufacturing which will benefit our customers, our employees, and the wider environment.