Snack Food Packaging

Snack Packaging

Snack Food Packaging from Nelipak. Snacks are on the increase, such as fruit and vegetable, snacks of nuts and seeds, and low-fat dairy products, let us help create your Snack Food Packaging today.

  • We can provide High-quality graphics to support brand impact.
  • Available as Parchment and paper-like surface finishes for visual and tactile experience.
  • Barrier properties for MAP to extend shelf-life.
  • A range of tailored sealants to meet packaging machine requirements for speed and seal integrity.

Snack Food Packaging Materials Suggestion:

  • APET:- thermoforming base web.
  • PET/PET-HB peel:- peelable ‘high barrier’ lidding.
  • OPP:- white, plain or metallised.
  • OPP/PE:- white, plain or metallised.
  • OPP/OPP:- white, plain or metallised.
  • OPP/PP:- white, plain or metallised.
  • PET/PE:- white, plain or metallised.
  • STREAM™:- designed for recovery, sustainable packaging.

We are standing by at Nelipak Food Packaging Elsham to hear your Snack Food Packaging requirements and work to make your brand stand out. We provide food packaging services across the UK and Ireland. Call us on +441652 681578 today.

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