Nelipak is committed to sustainable manufacturing which will benefit our customers, our employees and the wider environment.

Packaging performs a very important role in preserving and protecting food to prevent food waste.

Nelipak is working with our suppliers, customers and OEMs to develop optimum packaging materials that integrate with the circular economy to be recycled for future use.

We have a range of single polymer materials for MAP and non-MAP applications in our STREAM™ range of recyclable products.

Nelipaks Sustainability initiatives also include making our factories run as efficiently as possible to reduce the carbon footprint. At Nelipak Elsham we have made many improvements such as:

  • Zero-waste to landfill.
  • Sub-Metering system for Gas and Electricity help manage energy use more efficiently.
  • On-demand compressed air system saving on electricity, with ultra-sound air-leak detection to reduced wasted compressed air.
  • Powerstar Virtue energy storage system that kicks-in instantly in the event of a power outage to prevent processing waste.
  • ES50 Water Management device to control the flow of water to the cistern to reduce the amount of flushing water.